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This site is a resource for anyone who is curious or interested in Feng Shui, astrology, or divination. 

I started learning Feng Shui immediately after my parents got sick. Both of them lived a healthy lifestyle, and bad Feng Shui was the culprit of their deteriorating health. (Both of them are in great health condition now.) After acquiring enough knowledge and experience, I wanted to share this little-known yet powerful practice with you so you can benefit from it.

This is a big reason why I decided to open this site to the public. I want to give this you all the information from all different kinds of practices, including those that I don’t agree with. You, as the reader, can decide what you like and which to follow, learn, and practice.

— lets you know whenever any new web pages appear on Feng Shui. telling you about new tips or trick you can use to maximise good luck.

— keeps you up-to-date with flying stars that change their positions every month and every year. So you need to activate good stars and have amazing luck and also protect yourself from bad stars when they come into your living room, bedroom or entrance.